Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yellowstone and Old Faithful

Someone knows I'm on a time line...I only had to wait a few minutes to watch Old Faithful do her thing. Pretty incredible I tell ya. Yellowstone in general was incredible, so much to look at and neat little spots. I was so glad I took the time to wander around and hang out. Everyone keeps telling me that I am missing so much, but to be honest I feel like I am seeing so much and I am having such a wonderful time. The mixes that people made are great, and it seems that I pick the right one at the right time, you know to make that stretch of road even more perfect.

These posts are going to be short as I am in a cafe in Portland and really want to get back on the road, I want to get back to the woods. Oh goodness, what is going to happen when I get to LA?!?!


womanimal said...

"Someone knows I'm on a time line.." ! hahaha, you rule so much.

and the only missing going on is us missing you. thank you so much for documenting the adventure. mad hearts.

holly said...

Hey this is great! I hope to see this erupt someday! The earth has buggle guts!