Sunday, August 30, 2009

A pacific sunset...

Driving down CA 1, on my way to Big Sur, I was lucky enough to catch a

Driving along those cliffs with the setting sun was simply
spectacular. But to make the view even more breathtaking was the moon
rising simulanteously. The light off the ocean in one direction was a
brilliant orange and with just a turn of my glance the waves were
colored silver by the moon. Too many times on this trip I have been
completely floored by the incredible things I've had the chance to see
- this was one of those times.

Years and years ago a quote was shared with me, I don't have the exact
quote with me nor do I remember it verbatim, however, the take away is
that the things most powerful cannot be capture by words or music but
are the things felt deepest in our sleves.

I promise to post the quote as soon as I get back to Brookyn, it's
sitting in one of the many yellowing notebooks in my room.

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holly said...

What beauty and majesty!