Saturday, August 22, 2009

Roadtrip Lesson #1

There are two things that are essential to keep track of: liscence and
keys. Would you believe I learned this the hard way?

I went to bed last night having packed the truck and ready to leave
first thing in the morning. This morning I woke up to a homemade omlet
courtesy of Eileen (aka mom) and a sneaking suspicion that I misplaced
the keys to the truck. Indeed I did, after an hour of looking I
called off the search remembering that the magic truck has a nifty
little credit card emergency key in the owner's manual. So besides
lunch in pittsburgh, I plan to check out the key cutting industry. I
think I'll get a couple extra keys, just in case.

The lisence scare occured before I left NYC, but that worked out in
the end as well. Found the lisence on the ground outside a friend's apt.

I'm sure those who made mixes are curious to know what mix started
this journey. Well, I went with comfort, a mix I made earlier this
summer. The mix opens with Insistor by Tapes N Tapes, I really dig the
drums. It was necessary at 6am. Plus I know the second song is by
Buck65 called All There Is You Need to Know About Love and well, talk
about love, it's an all time favorite.

More soon.

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