Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday brunch

So back in NYC I'm guessing many of you are at Sunday brunch, out here
it's oatmeal and coffee by the river. Perfect.

Last night I camped under the stars in Big Sur. Got to the campground
late because of the amazing drive south on 1. When I got there the
place was full, but Pam, a sweet lady who ran the place assured me
we'd figure something out. I didn't care all that much where I slept,
it was more a matter of where I'd park the truck. Without much trouble
we found a perfect spot, just upland from this little river. I had the
delightful experience of falling asleep under the clear night sky next
to this talking body of water. Perfect.

Last night very well may be the last night that I sleep in a beanie
and fleece, tonight I stay with a friend in la and then tomorrow I
turn the corner to start heading back east through the hot

Today is day 8 of my trip, seems like longer, seems like it flew by -
regardless I know that it has been incredible and I have enjoyed every

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Holly said...

Love this! The river looks great!