Friday, August 29, 2008

Splendid Recipes

Pittsburgh does it again -

You can watch an abridged hour long "trilogy" version of the last 3 episodes of "Splendid Recipes" on MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) channels 56 and 57.

Anyone who wants to watch online can do so @ MNN.ORG

Here are the airdates:

Sunday Aug 31 @ 10:30 PM on MNN channel 56
Late Monday night but technically Tues.
morning Sept 2 @ 2:30 AM on MNN channel 57

and here are some stills and descriptions for those of you who don't know about these episodes yet

Includes: the original Splendid Recipes, in which a 14 year old blows coke through a McDonald's straw to Steely Dan - the worst noise supergroup ever to grace the screens of Pittsburgh - Violence Jack's final drunken plea to save the bus routes of Troy Hill - third world techno superstar MPEGASUS - animation by Hoagie Williams - North Side sock puppet disaster - found footage

Features: more DIY video games and animations by Hoagie Williams and Matt Rappa - the Un-Emcee freestyles for food - HOLIDAY IN PITTSBURGH! - remixed adolescent crime dramas - John Lithgow - The Underwater Culprit's public meltdown - and much more

Episode SCI-FIVE features:
VIKTM Behind the Music, prototype 80s karaoke, Sock Puppet Disaster II, Halo 3 Release (as witnessed by aliens), fucked up VHS discoveries, animation, swearing, and much more....

Obama Biden 2008

I am so excited for Barack Obama to be my president. I have someone who represents me. more to come...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thoughts That Keep Me Sleepless

It isn't easy, it doesn't count if it's easy, it's the hardest thing. Forgiveness. Which is maybe where love and justice finally meet. ~Angels in America

Saturday, August 23, 2008


its the third saturday in a row that ive been home alone with time on my hands. the city is sprawling but stories are lost between the facades of buildings - riding home from places with people into my own little hiding place. its easy to become annonymous here. i've mapped out a few plans to get from here to there; i've vowed to take it one day at a time to not think myself into places i'd rather not be.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What the sky says about me...

Birth Date and Time:
November 26, 1979 8:58 AM

Birth Location:
Warrington, United Kingdom

My Sun Sign is Sagittarius

How You Approach Life and How You Appear To Others: High-spirited, enthusiastic, and exuberant, you love adventure, change, exploring new territory, and are not happy confined to the same safe, familiar, secure little world all the time. You have a strong restlessness and yearning for something greater than anything you've yet experienced, and you often live in your dreams and visions for the future. You tend to believe that the grass is greener somewhere else and you like to keep moving, either literally or figuratively. Idealistic and optimistic, you always expect something better ahead. You love to have a goal, something to aim for, but once you achieve it you are on to something else. You are ever on the lookout for new opportunities and you are a gambler, willing to take risks and to break new ground. The possibility of discovering something new is what makes life interesting for you. You have great faith in life and bounce back quickly from disappointment and failure.

The Inner You: Your Real Motivation: You are a gambler and an adventurer at heart, one who loves to take risks, to discover and explore new worlds, and to take the untried path rather than the safe, reliable one. You are an independent soul, freedom-loving, and often very restless. You need a lifestyle that provides opportunities for travel, movement, change, and meeting new people. A steady routine which offers much in the way of security but little in the way of space and freedom is odious to you.

My Moon is in Aquarius

In many of life's situations Moon Aquarians have their own, distinct and sometimes very original opinion. And they are not going to change their opinion whatever happens, even if they will be left alone. It is very important for these people to retain their independence, they don't want their personal life to be anybody else's concern. They are always original, have outstanding abilities in one or another area and serve like a magnet for those people who share their interests. This is why Moon Aquarians so often take the central place in the company of associates. And even here they somehow manage to keep their uniqueness. They are not mixing well with other people, they are together with them, but still alone.

As a result of their character quite often Moon Aquarians can become really alone in their personal life, and their constant urge for independence can lead to chronic emotional stress. Hence their susceptibility to the disorders of nervous and circulatory systems, as also those unpredictable changes in their mood. There is an impression that at times they are getting tired of themselves, and to get rid of this tiredness they are trying to change abruptly, as if to become a different person.

To restore after a significant stress, Moon Aquarians need to have a hobby which they could plunge themselves into, forgetting about the surrounding world. It would be really good for them if they could speak out their problems, but this is not so easy, because Moon Aquarians do not like to just chat with anyone about anything. They prefer dealing with experts in their field of interest - this is with whom they are ready to talk endlessly. And if there is no such a person, then a good book could become a replacement for a friend.

As parents, Moon Aquarians can be very original. From the early years they will make clear to their child that everyones individuality is precious, and everyone should be independent. As a result, their kids might not be always properly fed or dressed, but they become self-reliant earlier than their peers and their talents develop more successfully.

My Rising Sign is in Sagittarius:

Happy is how people see you. Doesn't matter if you're in a foul mood, you look for all the world to be the consummate optimist, the open, friendly adventurer typified by Sagittarius. On the other hand, Sagittarians are often restless and contentious; they bore easily and sometimes pick fights for the fun of it. You give an impression of such indifference that others may say some crazy, unexpected or even hurtful things to you, expecting their comments to roll right off your back! You can't help it -- you're just exuding that characteristic Archer cool.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

lyrics..when i'm supposed to...


One gonna heal my body another gonna heal my pain
One gonna settle me down then bring me back up again
I’m gonna put my family back together again
One gonna hold my woman another gonna hold my job
One gonna help me get up, another gonna help me stop
One gonna help me talk right, one gonna lay me down to sleep
One gonna hold my thoughts and another gonna hold my bones
One gonna keep me warm and another gonna keep me cold
One gonna bring religon, right from a Coleman stove
One gonna help me keep em’ another gonna help me tame
One gonna run me down (Hell a bullets in my way)
You’re gonna keep my soul it was yours to have long ago
I’m gonna buckle my belt around the ceiling pipe
I’m gonna buckle my knees and I’m gonna lock em’ up tight
I’m gonna hold a pen while you drag my arm across the page
One gonna hold my memories another gonna close the door
One gonna leave me restless another wanting more
You’re gonna keep my soul it was yours to have long ago
(State Radio - Keepsake)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ruth Jamison aka Mary Louise Parker

It took me a minute when I saw this face on Weeds to place it (and not thinking from the West Wing)--- Fried Green Tomatoes, a favorite movie so many years ago...I loved Ruth. In recently watching Weeds I recalled this facination...Fried Green Tomatoes was such a great film, I realized I still haven't read the book...consider it added to the "to read list."

Magic Kingdom Doesn't Serve Alcohol

I just returned from a week vacation in Orlando, Florida where I learned some critical life lessons.

Disney World is most enjoyed by the following:
-those who appreciate well manicured landscapes
-those under the influence of some mind altering substance
-those seeking an alternate reality
-those who do not cringe at the thought of a "dry" theme park
-those who enjoy overly "smilely" people

Epcot was fun, as I had expected. Anything that is derived from the acronym Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, is my kind of place. The best part was the countries, where my friends and I indulged in a drink per country...

Wet n Wild was F-U-N, with rides such as DiscoH2O and the Brain Wash. Who knew that water and funnel shaped objects could be so fun...The Bomb Bay was fun - stepping into a rocket shaped container in which the floor drops out from under you and you plunge a few stories down a slide = heart stopping thrill :) The Storm was also a hit in my book.

I'd have to say the best day was when we went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Much more up my alley, but I still have to say that many of the rides left me saying, "is that it?!?!"

So...Lessons Learned:
-Bring a flask of whiskey to Magic Kingdom, if going without kids
-Bring kids, forget the whiskey
-Overly manicured anything is not okay in my book
-Waiting for over an hour for a 30 second thrill is overrated
-Category type games aren't reserved for only drinking games
-Simulated rides aren't all their cracked up to be
-Monorails are fun
-I enjoy a little melancholy in my life

Next vacation = UNKNOWN.

things i like

-cold august mornings

-meteor showers...did you check out Perseids last night?


-ring tans

-a cold microbrew