Monday, August 31, 2009


I got into LA yesterday and met up with a friend who used to live in
Brooklyn. I met her and some friends at this cute wine bar. We stayed
there for awhile and I got some amazing French onion soup - even
though it was a bazillion degrees out soup was necessary because it's
not too often you come across a vegetarian French onion soup...

After hanging there for awhile we went a cute Brazilian wine bar with
the intent to get dinner. Dinner ended up being a phenomenal bottle of
Argentinian white wine. Then it was off to karoke at the Drawing Room.
An old friend from camp, Kevin, met me there. It was nice to briefly
catch up.

I stayed with Lauren and her gf and her five cats. It was nice to see
all those felines but it made me miss Stuart.

More soon.

1 comment:

inga said...

Stuart misses you too.
He is crying every night. :(