Monday, August 24, 2009

Morning #3

I'm making my breakfast/lunch before I get back on the road. Oatmeal
and coffee and pasta for lunch.

For those of you who don't know, given the cost of this trip in gas I
decided to pack food and cook along the way. Mostly because it's fun
but the savings doesn't hurt either. So far so good, I've cooked all
my meals and have a good system down for cooking ahead to save some

I camped last night about 1.5hrs from the Badlands. Today I will head
to the Badlands followed by the Crazy Horse Memorial and Mt. Rushmore,
then I will make my way to Grand Tetons at some point.

I hope my camera battery lasts, the next time I am not camping is when
I get to Seattle, which will likely be the morning of the 26th. I
always have my iPhone but not nearly the quality photo of my camera.

I've listened to a few of the mixes. Excellent!

I started off with the Dreadnots latest album, not a mix but given
past travelling trends, it made sense. You see, every Haiti trip since
2004 Jeremy gives me the latest album he's been working on. They
always blow my mind and this one was no different. I can't wait to
listen to it again.

Next I went with the Ruggles mix which was phenomenal. Let me take a
minute to explain my listening rules...

First, I could not start listening to mixes until after I passed
Cleveland. I have driven to Cleveland before so I wanted the new music
to start with the new road. Second, I must listen to the disc all the
way through, no skipping or repeating songs. (if you know me at all,
you may know that this could pose a challnge). During the first
listen, if i dont know a song and a play list was not included I
shazam it :-) Third, I then listen to the disc again, in order except
this time I can repeat, but not skip songs. Finally, the third listen
is a free for all.

Ok, so Ruggles's cd was excellent and got me through the last stretch
of an 800+ mile day. Loved that she included one of my favorite
Mountain Goats songs. Then I listened to Erica's mix. She notably went
from Lykke Li to Run DMC to UB40, I thought it impressive. Also
included was a fav. Great Lake Swimmers song. Finally, I'll note I was
surprised that it took her 15 tracks to get to Tori. I then listened
to Andi's cd which in true Andi form was a great sing along disc. It
got me into Omaha and lucky I chose that cd bc it allowed me the geeky
opportunity to listen to Counting Crows, Omaha on my way into town.
Finally, I listen to Colette's cd. So far from this mix of people who
gave me CDs, I've known Colette the longest - we played basketball
together since 6th grade. Anyway, Colette sent me her mix all the way
from Ashville, NC and I'm so glad she did. Last night on the dark,
straight road in South Dakota, listening to her cd, I got all misty
eyed. I'll tell ya there are just times that Eddie Veder will do that
to you.

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Holly said...

u got this shit down to a science!