Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sarah Palin

Ok, so most people know of my interesting obsession with Sarah Palin. To be clear, I don't agree with the vast majority of her political platform, but I have been taken storm by the swell of media attention she has been able to harness since she became the conservative party sweetheart back in September of 2008 with her RNC Convention acceptance speech.

So here we are, January 2011, Sarah Palin's Alaska, the reality television show on TLC has come and gone, daughter Bristol lost Dancing with the Stars and yet we continue to be inundated with her commentary on everything from the Tuscan Massacre to any number of social issues our country is working it's way through. I don't think it takes a genius or even a particularly astute political mind to deduce that America's conservative sweetheart is positioning herself for a Presidential run in 2012, but can't the media let the Mama Grizzly hibernate until then? Give us a little breathing room, some space, to grow, to figure out what we each want, to determine if this relationship is best for all of us?

I stumbled upon this earlier today. And what did I do, I posted it on my Facebook page, then I told a bunch of people about it - I continued to talk about Sarah Palin, even when trying to promote a Sarah Palin silence. I'm well aware that even in my disagreement I give Palin more "earned press." So then I stumble upon this little Facebook Event: Ignore Sarah Palin Week.

Somewhat of a sidenote: I will tell you this, she sure does have a way with social media, her Twitter account, SarahPalinUSA has only 380k followers, but she is picked up in media outlets across the country. One of the biggest flares, the debate about the Islamic Cultural Center in Lower Manhattan aka the Ground Zero Mosque - remember? she "created" the word refudiate (which eventually she admitted to being a typo though she still was awarded a word of the year honor by the New Oxford American Dictonary.) I suppose it's a chicken or egg type of question with Twitter and her media coverage - was the coverage already there or is Twitter driving this? Regardless, she's got serious "facetime."

And you know what she does with that "facetime?" She ego-surfs! Check out my friend's blog: YesIGoogleMyself. Here is the Sarah Palin entry.

So here is to a week, or even a month of IGNORING PALIN.

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