Monday, January 17, 2011

a good day off

that's funny, tomorrow is a day off too - and the next day and the next day. i've got a 7 day weekend. today's accomplishments included taking the laundry to get done, taking in 3 pairs of pants to be hemmed, reheating chili for lunch and then making burritos for dinner and buying cat food. i sent some more emails to people about job opportunities and took about 2 naps. tomorrow will be a boring, boring day - i will be calling the student loan people and my credit cards to get those items in order. i will also be scheduling some doctors appointments while i still have health insurance. COBRA costs more than $500 a month and considering unemployment checks max out at $405 a week, I think i might need to pass on COBRA. Hopefully tomorrow I can create a list of things that I can do with all my free time, you know, besides finding a job!

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