Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 1

Yesterday was a holiday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day so it was a work holiday. That makes today, day 1 of unemployment. I've never done well with idol time, luckily I know this so I've always ended up structuring my days, today is no different. I headed to my apartment to make some calls, work on my resume and send some emails...



So far I:

-called the student loan folks, gonna hold out on making a decision there, though I do qualify for a deferment due to being laid-off.

-took a hour long bath

-read my book

-worked on my resume and a cover letter

-went to the gym and swam a mile

-went to the bank to discuss my credit card payments

-made a yummy lunch - veggie burger on rye bread with mustard and lettuce (what I had in the fridge)

-vacuumed and dusted the apartment


-made dinner - rice with tomatoes, jalepenos and tuna (what I had at home)

-read some more

this is going to get old quick.

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