Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kenya 2.24.12-3.9.12


Kenya 2.24.12-3.9.12, a set on Flickr.

As promised, here are all of my Kenya photos.

Life unfolds in some pretty spectacular ways. As you know, I had the brilliant opportunity to travel to Kenya a few weeks ago. What resulted was two of the best weeks of my life! Myself and two friends from grad school embarked on an incredible journey and along the way had some of the most amazing experiences. If you've never been to Africa, Kenya was amazing and gets high ratings in my book, the people were incredible, the vistas breathtaking and the food tasty as hell. I have not had a chance to label the photos but basically here is a recap of the trip:

We arrived and spent a night in Nairobi before waking early and heading to safari. We were on safari for 3 days where we then journeyed back to Nairobi for an overnight bus ride to Kisumu which is on Lake Victoria and in Western Kenya. We spent some time in Kisumu on the Lake, eating fresh tilapia and street food, we visited Kisumu's museum and the large market (Obama's father grew up not far from Kisumu so we were received like royalty in the area). We then took an in country flight from Kisumu to Mombasa on the eastern coast and Indian Ocean. On the flight we were able to see Mt. Kilimanjaro which was absolutely breath taking. From Mombasa we headed north up the coast and spent some time at Bamburi beach, a beautiful resort right on the Indian Ocean where days were spent on the water and nights were spent in the pool looking up at Orion, my favorite. Following the beach resort we headed further north to Mida Eco Camp where we camped out and took a canoe ride and long walk in the African midday sun to check out the Gedi ruins from the 13th century - spectacular. We then headed back to Mombasa to check out the spice markets and some additional street food and historic towns. We also hit up this incredible woodworking collective! From Mombasa we took a long bus ride back to Nairobi where we spent some time in the capital and had one spectacular meal in one of the countries top 5 restaurants, called Tamarind. We indulged in some serious seafood, including 26 oysters (shared between Christina and myself)! And on our last day we took in the National museum, relaxed and then made our way to the airport for our long journey back to Brooklyn.

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