Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Great Rift Valley

The Great Rift Valley was one of the first jaw dropping vistas I saw in Kenya. As we were driving to the safari in Maasi Mara on the first day, we drove along the Great Rift Valley, a 3700+ mile continuous "trench" cutting through virtually the entire length of Africa. Here we were 2140 meters altitude, which is approximately 7020 feet.

The view of the valley was incredible! It went on forever, we were able to see villages in the valley - amazing. Driving along side the valley was a whole other story. Kenya doesn't have posted speed limits on all roads, there aren't speed traps or cops staked out writing speeding tickets; the highway was paved but had no lines painted on it, passing was at your discretion. Needless to say the ride along the valley was an adventure!

And here I am, this is post 8 hour flight to Istanbul, a few hour lay over, 8 hour flight to Nairobi, ride from the airport and a quick nap at the Terminal Hotel at 3am, oh and the 8 hour time difference!

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