Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kenya 2.24.12 - 3.9.12

It seems like ages ago that I ran into my friend Christina while out with another friend one evening for happy hour. I hadn't seen Christina in quite sometime so we caught up a bit, small talk and what not, that is until she mentioned that she and Jaclyn were planning a trip to Kenya and that I should consider joining. It sounded perfect and having always wanted to go to Africa, it was simply a matter of figuring out financial and other logistics. Then one day I bought a ticket and the wheels were set into motion. There was no turning back, unless of course I wanted to lose out on the great airfare deal I found. So there it was, I was going to Kenya!

The weeks that followed were filled with reading and research and planning out the perfect 2 week trip. Our time in Kenya included a great spattering of the country:

camping safari in Maasi Mara National Reserve
Kisumu and Lake Victoria
an in-country flight to Mombasa
time at a beach resort
touring Mombasa
some time in Nairobi

Close to 1500 photos and a journal of memories, it was a phenomenal way to spend two weeks and what great friends to do it with.

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