Sunday, September 6, 2009

Unexpectedly in NC

Final day: woke up outside of Nashville, TN and headed to Nashville to
check it out...then it was off to Dollywood and the Great Smoky
Mountains for a final night in nature...or so I thought.

Dollywood + labor day weekend + $58 admission fee = maybe next time

Believe me, it pained me but I was much more interested in trees,
don't get me wrong, I love Dolly (ps: who said they are coming with me
to see 9-5?). The Smokies were amazing, the familiarity of that
eastern deciduous forest, the fog settled in from the rain that just
past, the smell of the end of summer and the crisp fall air, it was
lovely to get out of the truck and just wander.

So...I am here, in Asheville, NC at Colette and Mike's getting ready
to sleep. Somehwere between Nashville and the Smokies Colette reached
out and mentioned her proximity to where I was headed. Having not seen
her in years and being so close I figured why not.

We had a great time catching up, a nice homecooked meal and great
conversation. I'm glad I came south to NC. I don't think I've seen
Colette since high school, maybe one summer with the twins but who

Tomorrow I have about 418 miles to cover to get to my parents to
return the truck, pack up my things and drive to dc to catch a 530
bus. After the bus ride, ill treat myself to a cab to Brooklyn to be
home by 11ish, hopefully :-)

I've been quiet most of the day in terms of posting and status
updates, texts and seems a bit of a retreat is necessary.
The reentry tomorrow should prove interesting, a lot has happened
these last 16 days, many miles covered, many details engrained in my

I love the sounds outside my window right now, the crickets...("I've
got a cricket for a conscience that always looks the other way")

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