Saturday, September 12, 2009

sitting favorite in my rooftop chair because the ceiling over my bed feels too low;
     looking at lights piercing clouds    
     instead of studying stones and 
     collections of old night-sky lights.

i'm curious as to when new york lost these degrees and we began unpacking blankets.

     i dont so much mind the crisp air 
     creeping into the night, it usually 
     brings with it a clear sky;
     music is constant yet somehow   
     different but beautiful all the same.

it seems fair to say that time and distance made things easier, yet here i am, in a borough of five avoiding city subway cars.

     i'm navigating right angles and 
     bridges knowing that the sky is 
     darkening earlier, this is no 
     extraordinary secret, all you have to    
     do is look up.  

being back here makes me think about making a run for it but i'm no more certain about a final destination than before. 

     i know i could cover my tracks as i 
     always have but maybe this time    
     i'm looking to be found; it 
     compounds sleeplessness.

it's overcast in the city tonight and i'm thinking about holes in my safety net, okay with the fall.  


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