Friday, September 4, 2009

Sleeping with Angels of Silence

Tonight I'm in Austin, TX, earlier than expected but alas I'm here.
It's strange to me that this journey is almost over, or maybe it's
just begining.

Tomorrow I will spend the day checking out Austin, I have some plans
but won't post until complete, well, the secret ones anyway :-)

I do intend while I'm here to meet up with Ms. D, for those of you who
don't know, she was my American Lit teacher in high school back at
Notre Dame in Middleburg, VA. She was one of those teachers who you
just don't forget. That said, I lost touch with her not long after
high school, last I knew she married the men's basketball coach that
we had set her up with and she was living in NJ.

Well, low and behold a couple months back I got a call at work. An
intern told me Juliana was on the phone, not knowing a Juliana (or so
I thought) I asked the intern for more info. (I just don't take
anyone's call :-)) well, as the stars would have it, it was Ms. D. Go
figure that she was curious to know what I was up to, so she googled
me, I guess with a name like Drinkwater and working where I do, it
wasn't too hard to track me down. (now if Mr. Ross Garrett could do
the same, I'd be set :-))

So, tomorrow we are supposed to meet up, have a drink or whatever you
do when you haven't seen someone in 15 years and the last time you saw
them you were, well, 16.

I remember that year of school well, I remember being obsessed with
what I called, pulling a Henry David. Yes, as in Throreau. I was
obsessed as only a 16 year old could be with the idea of the social
experiement of Walden. Even then I had the strong urge to live
deliberately. The idea of leaving society in order to come to a fuller
understanding of it was captivating to me. (it actually just dawned on
me that in Walden, Throreau carefully outlines what he will need
during his time at Walden similarly to my ridiculously detailed
packing list for this trip which included mileage calculations and
estimated gas expenditures...ha) Anyway, I guess you could say that
the closest I've come to pulling a Henry David thus far has been this
little trip, that or the two times I was in Haiti and the DR for five
weeks, but somehow this roadtrip is more aligned - just me, a truck,
some roads and some music.

As I realign myself with EST and the distance between me and my life
in Brooklyn narrows I am a ball of emotions.

To date I've journeyed close to 7000 miles since leaving NYC two weeks
ago. I've been through 21 states. Stayed with 2 friends and a friend
of a friend. Spent 11 nights in nature. Cooked all but 4 meals. Sent a
bunch of postcards. Seen the most amazing parts of this country and
was spiritually moved, heart broken and awe inspired.

Monday I began the journey east. Tomorrow I start the journey north
(and east). By Monday, I will be back in Brooklyn getting ready to
return to a full inbox at work (I thus far have been completely (well
save one email) free from all work related responsibilities).

Between me and Brooklyn remains 4 more nights, including tonight. 4
more states (new ones). More cooking and more camping. Plenty of
adventure and learning.

The title of this blog is a Counting Crows song, but more
appropriately it is what i have exerienced every night on this trip.
Every night I have fallen asleep with a quiet mind.

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Kati said...

You made me cry. I am so proud of you. I love your spirit, and can see how much you've allowed yourself to grow. I hope you never grow jaded, and remember how peaceful you can be.It only takes a moment, and you've had several....
xo always