Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm sitting here outside of Nashville cooking my breakfast and
organzing. Today I will hang in Nashville and then continue the
journey northeast to my parents house. I am roughly 10 hours from
their house. 10 hours left on the road, me behind the wheel.

Yesterday I got up early and left Austin. Ended up spending a good
deal of time catching up at the bar with Ms. D, so I ended up crashing
at her place. More on our visit later...

Anyway, I drove from Austin to Little Rock to go to the Clinton
Presidential Library - nothing like a final roadtrip stretch dork out.
After that I made my way to Memphis to check out the National Civil
Rights Museum and Graceland. Unfortunately, both closed at 5, right as
I was pulling into town, saddness.

Started my drive to Nashville and spent the night in nature, now I'm
ready to start the final full day on the road. Between Nashville and
my parents' house there are no planned stops, except the stop to sleep
tonight, I might however make a stop at MBC to revisit some of those
freshman year college memories. I wonder if the gym is open, could go
shoot some hoops :-)

More soon.

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