Sunday, November 20, 2011

Showering and Plastic

This post is long overdue - about 4 months overdue. Oops. A good long while ago, maybe 4 months ago I decided that I would no longer buy soap, shampoo, conditioner and other bathing goods that come in plastic bottles. Mostly it was because I realized that it was an area where I could reduce waste.

It has been fairly easy. A good friend made me this soap whale, so instead of a loofa and body wash in a plastic bottle, I now use my orange whale! Perfect lather and perfectly clean. I've heard people complain about bar soap and thing like lather but this little wool whale makes it great!!!

Shampoo - I didn't even know, but YES, they make shampoo that comes in a bar form. Now here is where it might get tricky for those with longer hair - conditioner. The thing is is that Weleda makes a great Rosemary hair oil, that not only smells great, it comes in a glass bottle. Now I don't know much about hair health, but I've been pleased with these products thus far and still feel clean and smell great, AND no more plastic bottles in the trash.

I'm glad I made this move. Now I am still trying to use up a shower gel and face wash that are both in plastic bottles and following the end of the face wash, I will start using a bar for that as well. And when I want a bath, epsom salts with lavender oil and eucalyptus oil, no bubbles, but heaven nonetheless.

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