Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Day in Ship Bottom

Last night when it was time to go to sleep I opted to forgo the bed and cozy up in front of the fire place. One of the things I miss is not having a fireplace in my apartment. I grew up always having a fire place and when it got chilly the best thing was to build a fire and cozy up. Since moving to NYC the closest thing I've got is to go up to my roof and use my grill as a fire pit. It sounds a bit off, but in the absence of a fireplace it's amazing. Given all of this, whenever I am around a fireplace, I like to spend as much time as possible by it.

Following my waking up in the coziest of spots I made myself a strong cup of coffee, just the way I like it and just took in the day. The thing with me in coffee is that my typical is coffee with milk, but on any given day I'll change it up. Lately I've been in a black coffee kinda mood. Good, strong and dark.

My beach get away would of course be incomplete without some time down by the water. Even though it's November and quite cold, it was necessary to put my hands in the water and reconnect. I know one thing for certain in this life: I will always need to have access to water, whether it be the East River blocks from my apartment or hopping on the subway to head out to one of NYC's many beaches, I.NEED.WATER.


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