Thursday, November 10, 2011

"I am done with my graceless heart/so tonight I'm going to cut it out and restart"

It's no secret I love music. It's also no secret that I've been known to listen to songs on repeat, with the volume up. Songs have always found me when they are supposed to, a few weeks ago Florence + the Machine released their sophomore album. Considering her first album was more than spectacular, she set a high bar for number two. Not only did she bring it on Ceremonials, she killed it in ways only she knows. That f*cking voice. Haunting, in the best way possible.

The release of this album at the tail end of my Bikram Yoga challenge was exactly what I needed to take the challenge to new depths. Tomorrow, 11.11.11 I will finish my challenge and will no doubt take some serious time to reflect, to dance and to sing. More centered and more grounded than when I started. My weekend will be spent by the water, grateful.

P.S. - This video totally makes me want to have a masquerade party...more to come on that for sure.

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