Thursday, December 16, 2010

With Christmas soon approaching I am definitely writing my list and checking it twice, I have some great gifts picked out for people this year. One disappointment with the arrival of a gift I ordered online - a lesson to us all. Be careful when shopping online! Anyway, it will work out, I've got some additional ideas. I am excited to give my mom a scarf that I think she will love, but more so I am excited to give her a hand blender for all her soups. S has one and swears by it, so I am excited to gift one to my mom, I think it will make her soups for dinner parties much easier. Us kids have a great trick for my father who asked for a new television for their new house. I will report on it if we pull it off :) Some others but can't go into details for fear of them reading and getting ideas :)

More soon. Happy Santa-ing

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