Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hanging in Lancaster with the family. Love.

So the trick on my dad worked out perfectly!

So we wrapped a 5" black and white portable television and gave it to him. After he opened it and was disappointed I asked what was wrong, he asked for a 2.4 - a 3.2 screen and this one was 5 and it was hard to find. He then said, in his stern Tom Drinkwater voice, Erin, the email said 24 - 32 inch tv and then proceeded to try to look for the email on his blackberry. I told him that was impossible and all of us kids could not have possible made the same mistake. He was cranky for sure but we assured him the small tv was returnable. Then he got up to use the little boys room. At that point my brother went upstairs to get on the computer so dad could show us options. The rest of us went upstairs using the other stairway. My brother then called my dad upstairs, where the real 32" flat screen he asked for was waiting for him. He burst out in laughter, that chuckle that only he has. Merry Christmas dad!

My mom loved her scarf and blender - though I think she most liked the sweater my sister gave her, great job Kati - after many a bad gift of clothing given to my mom that she didn't like, we really got it right this year.

The gifts for the rest of my family were a hit too, but the best was Cailynn opening a Diego coloring book she got and saying "but i didn't ask for this, and I don't like it." Man I love my niece!

More soon. And I'll try to get some photos up too :)

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