Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh My Goodness

and I really do mean GOODNESS. Last night we went shopping for the weekend and went to two of the most amazing places: Fleishers Meats and Adams Fairacres Farms. I am in love and not going back to Brooklyn!

Ok, so many of you might know that I have been toying with the idea of eating meat again and in doing so the lovely S has made a few meat dishes for me to try out. In most cases I will eat a bit of the meat portion of the dish as a way to reintroduce the protien to my diet, for everything but fish, it's been about 18 years. Now when it comes to what types of meat I will eat I hope to eat local, grass-fed, organic as much as I can. S found this butcher in Kingston, NY that specializes in just we stocked up for the weekend! Brisket. Chicken. Sausage.

Now, if you know anything about me, I don't really do things half-asses or in any real progression, so it wasn't like I was going to reintroduce one meat at a time, though rest assured, I'm not mixing things just yet when it comes to foods :)

So there it was, New Year's Eve dinner will be Brisket, New Years Day, Chicken and in the am there will be Sausage. I am sure there will be posted about this in the posts that follow.

OK. Now, Adams Fairacre is the grocery store of my dreams. It is the cutest and has everything! If you are ever in Kingston, you must, must, must go!

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