Saturday, August 7, 2010

weddings and more weddings

Today I went to a wedding with s; her friend from grad school was getting married. What an amazing ceremony with amazing people. the couple (straight) handed out marriage equality buttons to all their guest, as both bride and groom are fully supportive of same-sex marriage. The energy the entire day was fabulous and everything perfect. Friends and family all gave witness to their union, it was hard to see the bride dance with her father and know that I may not have that experience, unless of course my dad shifts some of his viewpoints (see prior posts). I hope that with continued dialogue my father will come around. if not, I know that I will someday have a beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends and family (mom and sister) who support me. I think my niece would make a lovely flower girl :-) I am so grateful that I was able to attend this wedding with s and meet so many wonderful people and have such great conversations - and I won't even get started on the wine and food - Italians, what can I say, incredible! There is so much more to say, I hope I can upload some pics soon :-)

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