Monday, August 2, 2010

dad's response

"Marriage or child." -DAD

I sent my family 1,184 words, my dad responded with 8 - 3 required prompting. For every word I sent, he responded with .0067 of a word.


12:46am my mom responds: "Erin I will always love & try to support you in all that you do. I am proud to be your mother. Love Mom"

still no response from my brother, but at least the Drinkwater women stand strong and in support.


dealon said...


I added your blog to my rss feed awhile ago. I think I got it from Facebook? Anyway...

These last few posts make me sad.

It is absurd that you even have to ask for your family to support you in something so basic. That you then have to wonder if you will get the support you asked for is heartbreaking.

I hope they all come around.

(And the rest of the country, too.)


without a compass said...

thanks dealon!!! the conversations have to start somewhere. it is heartbreaking though. hope all is well with you. erin