Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Last night one of the best people I know gave me a little something to bring to Kenya. It's that sort of thoughtfulness that gets right to my stinking heart. I liked the little speech that went along with it best, the cutest. xoxo csp. I am not often impressed by people - I usually don't talk much about it. However, the people who do impress me, do it at precisely the right moment, or moments, but all in all - it's not easily done, it's always simple, but still not easily done.

When I was going to Haiti regularly a friend would often give me the latest tracks he'd been working on, some not yet released, many in some work-in-progress state. I was always humbled when he'd share these tracks with me. There was something magical being in the land of mango trees and endless starry skies listening to music created in what seemed like light years away. A lyric that always stuck: "there are many ways to leave an island without setting foot in water." Others shared words, one year a group of friends made me a book. Wholly blown away: simple, kind acts. Giving. It's beautiful to travel with all of that energy.

Friday, I'll travel with some wonderful and beautiful energy, that is for certain. I love that these people in my life know exactly just what to do, time and miles mean little.


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