Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine's Day Songs

Yesterday the Huffington Post released Facebook Breakup Songs: Data Team Reveals Top Spotify Songs For Breakups, New Relationships, I have to admit it is the shittiest list ever! I want to see the crosstabs. I want to know the demographic make up of this sample - though based on what they looked at, I can take a guess. BUT REALLY?!?! Have you no sense of what good music is when starting a relationship or for that matter the end of one?!!?! This list blows. Here are some songs that quickly come to mind when head over heels...or heels over head, depending on the starting or ending a relationship.

amazing cover! I'm pretty much in love with about all of Florence and the Machine's songs. Put to just cut and paste her album means you should just buy it instead. A FATM concert still remains one of my absolute favorites!

This song will forever bring me smiles.

just makes me smile, dunno why.


now here's a break up song. this reminds me of chilly days in Pittsburgh

another kick ya in the guts song.

I've got way more songs to add to this list, but I've got some things to get done...also, a note: impossible that not a single Elliot Smith song is on the break up list...what?!?!

In the end, just google this, or this; makes me smile. I mean seriously I was laughing hysterical :-/

Also, in reviewing this list, it is weak, because the truth is I got distracted, but I'm going to come back to this...just you wait.

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