Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a porch swing
walls of books
flower gardens
vegetable gardens
a chocolate lab for me, yet to be named
a pond
a love seat to cuddle on
work on the house for me to do
rooms to paint
salty sea air
quiet starry nights
cool breezy days
rainy days of hot chocolate/tea and movies under blankets
crossword puzzles
breakfast in bed
perfectly made sandwiches
notes in lunch boxes
a word wall
a basketball hoop
plenty of closet space
music in the background while cooking dinner
plates of cheese
sweatpants and the sunday times
early morning walks
fluffy towels out of the dryer
lined dried sheets in the summer time
fresh cut flowers
poetry in motion
making the bed
tailored suits
footed bath tubs
trees for climbing
tree houses
swing hanging from a tree

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