Tuesday, July 27, 2010

181 days

today begins day one of a personal project, one that i am making public from its inception. no editing. just straight writing. everyday. lists. stream of conscious. response to articles. photos. quotes. lyrics. anything that includes letters, words and sentences. punctuation optional (we all know how i feel about it - sometimes). for too long i get frustrated because i'm not writing - no more. every day there will be words on paper (in this case screen).

have you ever gone back and reread an exchange you've had with someone? our digital age makes it so much easier to stockpile words. i used to have boxes of pages, now i can simply search a word or person and there it is. a history right before my eyes. it's interesting how time changes things. people. responses. triggers.

how many times do you smile in a day? i like making people smile. i like making people laugh. banter. silliness. do you laugh at yourself? not because you are funny, but rather you simply don't take yourself that seriously, because at the end of the day it's nine times out of ten not worth it.

i've got lots of plans in my head. that is nothing new, neither is the urgency. i think the reason that i haven't been writing is because there doesn't seem to be an ending to what i've got collecting...

can you carry histories and move forward? what do we learn from the past?

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