Monday, May 4, 2009

Recent websites and articles that have grabbed my attention

I have been terrible in terms of posting anything of relevance here. I really do hope to end this habit. I have started a new blog with the hopes of capturing all of the beautiful, wonderful, crazy things that I have stumbled upon in NYC. This blog will be solely dedicated to short, picture posts in an attempt to get those posts off this blog and refocus this blog to its original purpose, to write about different policy issues and to muse about various topics including music, art, the environment, etc.

In the past few weeks, I have come across a number of articles and websites that I would like to draw your attention to:

Social Earth is a website that I came across that is right up my ally

Same-sex Marriage myths BUSTED at ESPA's website

My obsession with the Supreme Court, Maira Kalman does it again with her take on the Court and Ruth Bader Ginsburg

NPR's story on Ben Folds and his new a cappella album

That's it for right now...I promise that I will make the effort to blog more and only think about it less :-)

Things to look forward to:
-weekend trip to Lancaster, PA to see my niece and nephew for my niece Cailynn's 2nd birthday
-an outing on the 15th
-beach weekend the 22nd - 25th
-412 to 212

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