Saturday, October 13, 2012

The story of a scarf...

Years ago I was given a lovely scarf and last winter due to an unfortunate miscommunication between my old roommate and I, my scarf ended up in a donation bin in Dobbs Ferry. Soooo the morning after one of my closest friend's birthday party with commitments from a gaggle of friends I was going to head to Dobbs Ferry to get the scarf back. Well the team I assembled all bailed, but I was determined to find my scarf. After borrowing my friend's car, I made my way to the grocery store parking lot in Dobbs Ferry. I plotted my course of action after assessing the situation. I called the number on the donation bin with no answer, it was a Sunday of course. I then went inside and asked the grocery store if they had keys to the bin, the answer, tragically - no. So I headed back out to the bin, eyed some crutches next to the bin and figured out a way to use the crutches to prop the bin open. I then rolled a grocery cart over, wedged the other crutch under the wheels and then hopped into the cart and standing there bent over, into the cart and began digging. I quickly realized that the other crutch would be better used as a rack and so I wedged some boots under the wheels. So there I was in the middle of Dobbs Ferry on a January day with a camping headlight on my head digging through a donation bin, getting all sorta of looks for the grocery shoppers. There I was, the dyke version of MacGeyver determined to find my scarf. I didn't find it, but did located the bags that contained my items, the thing was is that I needed to get back to Brooklyn, so I had to call it quits, sooo I left a note that included the above picture and hoped that the kindness of strangers would bring my scarf back to me, it was a family heirloom and older than me. As it turned out the note and picture worked and the next night I received a call about the scarf. Turned out that my Spanish isn't so great and somewhere lost in translation, I never received the scarf. We text and while there was perfect communication, the scarf never came. I continued to try to call the number and text but eventually the phone was shut off...was super sad to lose this scarf, it was certainly my favorite. It was hysterical trying to retrieve it and I wish I had, but now it's out in the universe and hopefully someone else is enjoying it as much as I did and others in my family. I will note that since losing this scarf there has been a team on the hunt consisting of two friends, a friend's mom and a request from a friend's father....something tells me if I this scarf doesn't make its way back to me, I'll find one pretty close to it :) 

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