Sunday, May 22, 2011

Remember my Brother; Support my Sister

Dear Friends:

Today, my older brother Michael would be 39. On January 1, 1989 he took his own life. This year, for the second year, my older sister Kati is walking in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Out of Darkness Walk - me and my 4 year old niece Cailynn will be cheering her on. I am writing to ask you to make a donation to help her reach her goal of $2200 ($100 for every year he's been gone). You can make a donation here.

Consider making a donation of:

‎$5 to remember the month he was born
$16 for how many years he lived
$18 for how many miles Kati will walk in his memory
$22 to remember the day he was born
$22 for how many years he's been gone
$24 for the house number where we lived
$39 to remember how old he would have been TODAY
$49 to remember he was born in Alaska
$72 to remember the year he was born
$86 to remember when he graduated 8th grade
$304 for all of these and more
$___ for your own special reason

I was only 9 when Michael passed away, but in those 9 years he made a huge impact on me. He painted, played music, and was a great soccer player - this is what my 9 year old self remembers. What my adult self knows is that his memory lives on in so many people and in many ways. My hope is that by supporting an organization like AFSP other sisters, brothers, moms, dads, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and friends do not have to know this loss.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


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