Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bright Eyes - Radio City Music Hall

Yesterday morning, I made a last minute purchase to see my favorite band, Bright Eyes. It was the day of the show and I was happy to just get tickets and not have no pay a huge mark up on StubHub. At about 3pm I decided to look again at my seats, which I thought were decent for a last minute, day of purchase. I thought I was about 30 rows back in the orchestra section. Sooo, you can imagine my surprise and sheer excitement when I went to the Radio City Music Hall website to get another look at my seats to see that Row DD meant that I was only about 20 ft. from stage, with one row of seating (plus the 5/6 pit seats) in front of me and dead center. I was ecstatic!

Here is a pic from the show, it's not the best - taken with my iphone.

Another incredible show.

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