Friday, November 19, 2010

Thank goodness it's Friday!

This week was tough, finding out that a family friend passed away. Peggy lost a battle with ALS. She was a wonderful and giving person and I am blessed to know both her and her husband (Bernie). Bernie passed away last year, but words that he spoke stick with me. I met Peggy and Bernie through my parents church and while church has not played a major role in my adult life, the lessons are carried with me daily. Peggy and I volunteered together in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Bernie, a Deacon at my parents church and would often end mass by saying: "May the peace of the Lord bother you every day of your life." I always liked the way he used the word "bother". It always made me think.

Today, I remember Bernie and Peggy and the wonderful lives the led and love they shared.

I will allow their peace to bother me.

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