Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I've been thinking alot about this rally tonight to protest the
passage of prop 8 in CA. I find myself disagreeing with the
organizers of the event in regards to strategy and messaging.

This morning on my way to catch my train I passed an ad for the Anti-
Violence Project
here in NYC. The ad, as so many of their ads are,
was unassumingly simple in it's message: "I'm antiviolence and pro-

I too live this mantra and as such am unable to join my LGBT community
as they come together this evening as they protest in front of the
Mormon Church.

Let it be clear: I in no way endorse the recent actions of the Mormon
Church and their monetary influence in the prop 8 debate. That said I
do not feel that an appropriate response by our community is a protest
in front of the Church.

More to come when not mobile - I have links and text to add...


Alaina said...

Not criticizing (I generally feel uncomfortable taking part in public protests) I'm just curious- how is today's protest an expression of violence? Are even "peaceful" protests violent by their confrontational nature?

Holls said...

I saw the vid.
It looked OK.
Not punches being thrown or anything.
But I understand.
If you are going to run for public office some day, you might not want to be involved with anything too "radical."
Ya diggg?

without a compass said...

its not even that - i dont agree with their strategy. i felt completely uncomfortable with the fact that the protest was going on while services were being conducted. additionally, why just the Mormons? The Catholics dumped $ into this as did other groups. More to come...